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A laboratory for innovation and a

collective of art pioneers


Art itself cannot be taught, but craftmanship can. Architechts, painters, sculptors are all craftmen in the original sense
__Walter Gropius

Welcome to the artinic .LAB - the vibrant epicenter of creativity, innovation, and artistic exploration. We are not just an arts organization; we are an incubator, a laboratory, and a collaborative workspace for artists, crafters, and creative minds alike.


Our studios are more than just spaces; they are creative sanctuaries designed to inspire and nurture your artistic pursuits. Here, the atmosphere brims with creativity and camaraderie, where every corner is abuzz with entrepreneurial spirit and artistic discourse.


At artinic .LAB, we believe in the power of community. We foster this through a myriad of activities such as constructive art critiques, immersive workshops, lively open studio events, and enlightening gallery tours. We regularly curate exhibitions that showcase the diverse and dynamic talents within our community, while our various art projects are designed to stimulate creative collaboration and innovation.


Artinic .LAB is not just a place; it's a journey. It's where ideas are born, creativity is nurtured, and crafts are refined. We invite you to be a part of our creative incubator, where art evolves and crafts transcend their boundaries. Welcome to the future of art and craftsmanship. Welcome to artinic .LAB.


Join forces with the collective that speaks the same language of art


Together we can bring your work or experience to a new global audience that will help  and support 


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Our collective has a broad landscape of expertise in different fields of craftmanship that will give your piece of art an additional layer of authenticity.


The global art landscape is complex, with the network of artinic we can fast-track your career.

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