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Original Swiss craftsmanship

 framing Cezanne to Picasso

Discover the exquisite frames of André Frey, renowned artist whose works are displayed in museums and private collections worldwide. Only on Artinic can you order André Frey frames, adding an extra layer of exclusivity your unique art pieces.

art frames

The most exclusive picture frames

for galleries & collectors only on artinic

frame profile sketches created exclusively to frame your artwork

classical frame profiles reinterpreted
by André Frey

"It's how you match the right frame & painting that brings the artwork alive"

André Frey is a renowned Swiss woodcarver and frame maker celebrated for his masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating exquisite, handcrafted picture frames.


Frey has reinterpreted the traditional art of frame making by developing new profiles, reshaping historical designs, and providing the next generation of artists with added value through his exclusive frames for their paintings. Each frame is tailored to the individual needs of the client, showcasing Frey's intricate ornamentation and refined elegance.


André Frey frames can be found in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide, such as theeler Gallery in Basel, the Modern Art Museum in Tokyo, the Getty Villa in Malibu, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation in Castagnola and Madrid, among others.


Frey's frames are exclusively distributed worldwide by Artinic, ensuring that art enthusiasts can acquire these unique pieces, which embody the sophistication and beauty of the talented Swiss artist's work. To explore and experience André Frey's exceptional creations, visit art galleries, museums, and specialty stores featuring European art and artifacts, or find his pieces through auction houses and online platforms.


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