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The family office specialized in Art Assets

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Artinic: Curating Your Artistic Legacy


We're not just supporting family offices; we're the stewards of your artistic heritage. At Artinic, we believe that art isn't merely an asset; it's a testament to human creativity, a reflection of our collective culture, and a vital component of your legacy.

Crafting Your Artistic Experience

From the intimate corners of a private residence to the open spaces of a multinational corporation, Artinic brings art to life. Our team is skilled in the art of framing, restoration, and interior design, and we're committed to helping you create an environment that resonates with your unique aesthetic.


A selection of family office services from Artinic 

tailored for you

Generation Lichtenstein Artinic

Building Your Art Legacy


Art is an investment, not just in financial terms but also as a contribution to culture and history. Artinic's family office services are tailored to manage and grow your art assets, ensuring they remain a lasting legacy for future generations.

Estate planning, life insurance, prenuptial agreements & last wills

Charity & philanthropy

Succession planning &

continuity of the company

Wealth planning

Investment strategy & asset allocation, private equity, consolidated reporting, investment advice

Wealth management


Familiy assemblies, family council, family constitution 

Family governance

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