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ART Familiy

The family office specialized in Art Assets

Family Picasso

ART family

A family office supports you in managing your wealth, when it takes up too much time and becomes too complex to be managed by you own. The family office will be your point of contact and will represent the family to the outside world.


A family office may also act as an internal connection between different family members. It can assist and coach younger generations to retain their wealth for the upcoming generations.


Further, a family office may also assist in more practical aspects such as operational management of assets, providing secretarial services or real estate management. A family office not only supports you in managing your wealth but also supports you in managing your lifestyle.


A selection of family office services from Artinic 

tailored for you

Generation Lichtenstein Artinic

Estate planning, life insurance, prenuptial agreements & last wills

Charity & philanthropy


Reale estate structures,

international relocation

Tax planning


Succession planning &

continuity of the company

Wealth planning


Corporate incorporation, aircraft & yachts, trust administration, structures, real estate management, family shareholding & nominee services

Trust and corporate services


Investment strategy & asset allocation, private equity, consolidated reporting, investment advice

Wealth management


Familiy assemblies, family council, family constitution 

Family governance

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