• Beratung • Vermittlung • Repräsentation und Organisation bei Kunstmarkttransaktionen


Gegründet in Basel, Schweiz

  Consultancy • Mediation • Representation & Organisation in Art Market Transactions 


Founded in Basle, Switzerland

art generation
investing in the future

Private collectors should think early about estate and inheritance. artinic provide over a century of expertise in consultancy for high value art market transactions.

creating long term value 

There are lots of parallels between banking and art, rooted in the tradition of art market transactions and art investments.
artinic has developed special services to curate your exclusive art in Switzerland and worldwide 

the art story
curated over generations 



artinic grew from an art-dealing store in Basel, Switzerland in 1881 to a network of art lovers, collectors & curators around the globe in 2018. 


Since 1991, the company has opened up new markets, achieved international recognition, and steadily developed its art services.


Nevertheless, artinic remains to its principle from 1881 to deliver the best art services for art lovers, collectors & curators. During more than a century of its existence, Artinic has done everything to achieve the goal in producing the highest quality services for art lovers, collectors & curators.




art esteem
a neutral & descrete interface 

artinic is a neutral & descrete interface between private, institutional collectors and the worldwide art market, offering the specific know-how and international connections, which are necessary for today's art owners, lovers & collectors

our clients
art frames
The most exclusive frames
for galleries & collectors by Andre Frey
art interior
give your space a soul 

The realization of a personal and individual interior design is an intrinsic part of every human being. Architecture, design, art, decoration and the perfect location come together interlocking like perfect fitting pieces of a puzzle to form a coherent concept. artinic wil help you to fit these pieces together and create a holistic concept for your space


Quality and originality are food for both the eyes and the senses — and with our expertise, your visions can become a reality. No matter if you design open working spaces or a private residence, artinic will translate your ideas!

art family
a curated family office

A family office supports you in managing your wealth, when it takes up too much time and becomes too complex to be managed by you own. The family office will be your point of contact and will represent the family to the outside world.


A family office not only supports you in managing your wealth but also supports you in managing your lifestyle.

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art consultancy


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